La Grotte


speaking in tongues

La Grotte (the cave) is a collective of photographers based in Brussels.

Created in 2012 under a common impulse, La Grotte now gathers five photographers – Bertrand Cavalier, Lucie Dufour, Massao Mascaro, Gilles Ribero and Maud Faivre – as a response to young photographers' lack of visibility. The collective takes to heart self-publishing, and considers it an art form in itself and a way to speak up loudly.

The metaphor of Cave as a giant camera obscura was a natural choice for all of us. It embodies the idea and process of photography in a specific place, and recalls what still matters in photography today, namely the need to go out, seize the light and come back with it.

Founder Bertrand Cavalier
Lucie Dufour
Sara Gonzalez
Massao Mascaro
Gilles Ribero

Maud Faivre

Hugues de Wurstemberger
Joao Moreira
Septembre Tiberghien

We'd like to thank the Fédération-Wallonie-Bruxelles for their support

All our negatives are processed by Color 41

All our black and white analog prints are made by Jean-Pierre Bauduin